Graceland Housing – Mr. Ijaz Mirza from Abu Dhabi, Testimonial

Graceland Housing – Mr. Ijaz Mirza from Abu Dhabi, Testimonial

Mr. Ijaz Mirza from Abu Dhabi, an oversea Pakistani who is looking to invest his hard earned money in a real-estate project visited “Graceland Housing” booth at International Real-Estate Investment Show Dubai. Mr. Mirza met with Mr. Shahzad Zafar Director Graceland Housing and inquired about the project. He asked very valid questions while his meeting with Graceland Housing officials that every overseas Pakistani must know before investing in any real estate project back home.

Some of the questions which were asked by Mr. Ijaz Mirza are

• Why invest in Graceland Housing

• Who are the persons behind this Project/Credibility?

• How Graceland housing official fulfill their commitment? When do they hand over the land to the Investors?

• Why is Graceland housing the best project for small Investors with respect to ROI (return on Investment)?

After inquiring all and meeting with officials in person, Now Mr. Ijaz Mirza is satisfied and looking forward to investing in the project.

In case this inspires you to become an investor in Graceland Housing, please contact us via the link and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Looking forward to speaking with you.

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