Imagery and computer generated images are indicative and are to be used as a guide only. All furniture, furnishings, appliances and non-standard fittings featured in images and visual renderings of our model apartments are not part of final deliverables in your apartment. These apartments have been furnished to give site visitors and readers an idea of how interiors can be planned, executed and provide an idea of space in the apartment after arranging all the furniture and appliances in their respective locations.

Floor plans are intended to give a general indication of the proposed floor layout only and are not to actual scale. Dimensions should not be used for carpet sizes, appliance spaces or items of furniture and are not binding legally. Please ask our sales adviser for details and accurate measurements.
Some of the pictures used on this website have been obtained legally from stock photography sources and have been used to depict the kind of homes, interiors and settings we visualize our customers could be associated with. The properties and apartment detailing in these pictures may, or may not represent the kind of products or services that we have on offer in terms of design, construction, living spaces and detailing.

Please visit our site office to see our model houses and apartments and contact our sales team to find out which fittings and finishes are a part of our standard offering and which are available as add-ons with extra pricing.