Graceland Housing – Naeem Latif from New York, NY USA. Testimonial

Graceland Housing – Naeem Latif from New York, NY USA. Testimonial

Recently an investor from New York, NY USA, visited Graceland Housing and have purchased seven plots of different sizes in sector A. He shared his experience via Video Testimonial.

While introducing himself, he said his name is Naeem Latif residing in New York from last 4-5 years. He used to work as a cab driver, also he has experience of working with “Uber”.

Talking about his latest visit to Pakistan he said with an intention to invest in “Real Estate” In Islamabad. He searched out many housing projects near New Islamabad International Airport for investment purposes.

He said there are many housing projects in the airport vicinity but the one he liked most is Graceland Housing.

He said he has some basic questions in his mind before investing in any housing project, which are as mentioned.

1- Is the Project is free from fraudulent activities?
2- Is the housing project is selling physical plot location or just plot file as this is a common practice in Pakistan?

He said he himself visited Graceland Housing project site he also meets with the management of the Project.

Initially, he just wanted to purchase a single plot but after visiting the project site and looking into the potential of the project in terms of return on investment he ends up with buying 7 plots which include six 5 Marla plots and one 8 Marla plot. After coming back to New York he has the plan to book one or two more plots.

As a good will gesture, he suggested to the potential investors who are planning to invest in back home Pakistan that if they are planning to invest in Islamabad they should consider Graceland Housing – Near New Islamabad International Airport as the best investment option.

In case this inspires you to become an investor in Graceland Housing, please contact us via the link and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Looking forward to speaking with you.

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