Conversation with Wing Commander Umair from Rawalpindi

Conversation with Wing Commander Umair from Rawalpindi

Did you know that a Wing Commander from Rawalpindi and presently serving in Pakistan Air force is investing in Graceland Housing for their family members?  In this short conversation, you are going to meet Mr. Umair where he shares why and how he chose Graceland Housing for his hard earned investment.

In case you do not know me, My name is Shahzad Zafar, Director of Development at Graceland Housing, a project of Concrete Solutions Pvt Limited.

Recently we met on the occasion of Possession Announcement Ceremony” held on December 17th, 2016 at Graceland Housing site.
Let’s Watch together

Graceland Housing: Aslam-o-Alaikum, Please let us know what is your name, What you do, Where you from?
Member: My Name is Muhammad Riaz Lodhi and I am computer specialist and currently, I am living in Fazaia Housing Rawalpindi.
Graceland Housing: Who is with you?
Member: My name is Wing Commander Umair
Graceland Housing: Do you have an investment here in Graceland Housing. What type of investment do you have?
Member: Yes! I have an investment here, I purchased 6 plots here, Wing Commander Umair is my son in law I referred him here and he also bought two plots here one commercial and one residential plot.
Graceland Housing: What is your level of trust to the project as you have taken 8 plots here in this project?
Member: This project was very appealing and I liked it the most
Graceland Housing: What were the top three things you liked about this project?
Member: I bought plots here because of the airport and the location of the project was very attractive as it is in between motorway, CPEC route and the Fateh Jang road is also dual carriageway approved.
Graceland Housing: What is the level and quality of the development here at Graceland Housing?
Member: I am satisfied with the development
Graceland Housing: Umair sb! What is your view about the development of the project?
Member: I am happy because my plot is ready for the possession and construction which located in the commercial are of sector A.
Graceland Housing: Why you are so excited to construct your home here?
Member: I am excited to construct my plot as I am living in a rented house.
Graceland Housing: Mr. Umair Why you are excited for the construction of your house here?
Member: Basically I am after good returns so that is why I want to construct my commercial home so that the rental income generate.

Graceland Housing: What is your message to the overseas Pakistanis those who are on the fence line of the purchase decision and want to invest in a secure project?
Member: I would like to say that the projects of the large companies are like Bahria town, and DHA are very away from the main city area. A project like Graceland Housing which is located on the Junction of the motorway, CPEC route, and the New Islamabad International Airport so I must say that this is one of the best location available in the vicinity. With respect to the development of the area, this project is extremely good and fully developed with wide roads and state of the art infrastructure.
As the plots here are available in installments so this is the best opportunity to invest here and also to make your own home
Graceland Housing: Thank you!
Now you have just watched and listened to our investor sharing his thoughts about Graceland Housing and his recommendation to his friends and people like you to invest in Graceland Housing for your future dream home.

In case this inspires you to become an investor in Graceland Housing, please contact us In case you do not know me, My name is Shahzad Zafar, Director of Development at Graceland Housing, a project of Concrete Solutions Pvt Limited.

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