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Happiness Begins at Graceland Housing

Regular Transfer

Following are the important documents required from Seller and Buyer/Purchase to process transfer of economic and residential plots. Seller and Buyer has got to be presented at transfer office to finish this process.


  • Original CNIC.
  • Purchaser Application Form (Available at Head office, Transfer Office & Authorized Dealers).
  • Purchaser Undertaking.
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • Stamp Duty Collection (1% of DC value or Sales Agreement Value whichever is higher) to be paid by the purchaser in Bank of Punjab- Rawalpindi (PRA).
  • Advance Income Tax (236k ā€“ FBR) to be paid by purchaser (Filer: 1%, Non Filer: 2% of FBR Prescribed Value or Sale Agreement Value whichever is higher).
  • Sale Agreement (Under Section 5cc Rs.1,200/- Stamp Paper) [Format Available at, Transfer Office & Authorized Dealers].


Account Statement is the initiative for transfer during which the seller has got to clear his all outstanding objections and dues before start of regular transfer process of plot.

  • Original Allotment Letter
  • Original CNIC.
  • Seller must be present at transfer office for the completion of transfer process.
  • Seller Application Form (Available at Head office, Transfer Office & Authorized Dealers).
  • Seller Affidavit.
  • Previous Stamp Duty Collection (If Applicable).
  • Advance Income Tax (236-Cā€“ FBR) to be paid by seller, if transfer is within Four years of purchase (Filer: 1% , Non Filer: 2% of FBR or Sale Agreement Value whichever is higher)

Processing Fee

Processing fee will be paid by purchaser as prescribed by company policy as per the size and category of the property

New Allotment Letter

After all the aforementioned protocols are followed, the new allottee and/ or customer would be notified via SMS and/or Call to collect their Transfer letter from the Transfer Office.

New Transfer Letter Issuance

Procedure of Booking

Documents Required for individual Sales:

  • CNIC Copy of Purchaser and Nominee
  • Signed and thumb impression on Application form
  • Passport Size Pictures
  • Application Form
  • Submission of Payment receipt, Pay order or Bank Draft or online transaction.

Documents Required for Company Sales:

  • CNIC copy
  • Company Registration Certificate Required
  • Company NTN Required.
  • Request required for booking/purchase of plot
  • Memorandum of Article 


  • Signed Application
  • CNIC 
  • Copy of Allotment Letter